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::engeneering  ::creating  ::photographing

For me. For you. For fun -
and to share.

Hello, I'm Jonas. This website is made for me, as my personal homepage, for you, because of whatever reason you found it, for fun, simply because I like creating things, and to share - the Kickstarter projects I once had and some of my pictures. If there is anything you would like me to know, just contact me via mail.


In my second Kickstarter project, which was successfull, I created an update of my first tool. The bitky is a new tool which offers advanced possibilities for everyday and professional use. It is lightweight and handy, in the size of a bullet, with multifunctional uses and it is perfect for daily carrying and using.


A few years befor, I invented a small and handy multi-tool screwdriver - and called it bitTender. After a few month of developming, finding suppliers, prototyping, testing and creating marketing materials, I started my first Kickstarter campaign - which unfortunately failed. But I didn't gave up and tried it again with some improvements and a changed strategy, bringing up the bitky.



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